Hello and welcome, my name is Linda Arnold and I'm a New Yorker based in South Limburg, the Netherlands.


My paintings begin with something or someone I've seen, it can be a small element like a blue door in France, an abandoned boat on a beach in Normandy or an old woman with red shoes on a street in Paris.

Once I'm interested, I keep going until what I want to say or express is satisfying to me.


Landscape is also important to me, I combine figures that I've drawn from a model into landscapes to create something with different levels of meaning.

I often bring plein air paintings into my studio to develop them further.


I don't believe in 'isms' and the language I use can be very different with each series I work on.

I like to experiment with light and color as well as a variety of subjects.

My paintings aren't about portraying reality even though they are based on reality, it's the magical transformation of the every day into something sublime.


I want my paintings to bring the beauty of nature and the human figure to the attention of the viewer.